Raising a Child with Special Needs, Update!

Message from Louisa:

I thought it best to post a quick note for my friends waiting for Part Two of my series, Raising a Child with Special Needs.  I’m delving into the subject of living with ADHD and Dyslexia.  After promising to publish my article in June, I discovered it was best to stop and rethink my thoughts before posting.  I want to share my own account of living 61 years with both conditions, as well as what I learned while raising children with ADHD.

The reason for the delay; My research brought to my attention the accounts of many, highly successful men and women today, who have either ADD, Dyslexia, or, like me, both conditions.  Their accounts echoed the same emotional impact I experienced growing-up as a child with these conditions, as well as the struggles we face as adults.  Turns out, I’m in excellent company and if you or your child are having the same struggles… your in good company too!

I feel a need to share these emotional affects.  Particularly for parents who do not have these conditions, but are raising children who do.  Simply to offer perspective on the emotion impact ADHD and Dyslexia have, not only on a child, but adults.  Understanding is the first step to finding solutions!

Therefore, this article might come in two, separate segments.  But I wanted you to know that I’m working on it!

Thanks, my friends, for your patience!

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