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Breath So Near

From the moment I learned that I was pregnant, my values and ambitions for my life changed. Suddenly, the world wasn’t all about me, but the new little being growing inside of me. I loved this child from the moment I first suspected his existence. The most profound change was the tenderizing of my heart, which hasn’t changed to this day. I know that not all women feel this way. That handling a new baby can be very frightening. It is! But from the moment I laid eyes on my son, motherhood blossomed. I was possessive of his tiny form, protective. The most profound moment in my life was the moment he was born. It was the same for his brother and sister. This poem was written for all mother’s, in honor of those intimate moments we share, alone with our babies. It’s also for my son, Christopher.


By, Louisa Cambridge
Tenderly the heavenly Father
Looked upon His sleeping daughter.
Safe and restful was her slumber.
Not a sound would dare disrupt her.
In the quiet night unmoving
Angels kept their watchful duty.
As He looked His heart was full of love.

Then a tiny little stirring
Filled the room with urgent mewing.
Capturing the girl’s attention,
Summoning her warm affection.
Eagerly, her arms encased him.
Lovingly, her eyes embraces him,
Cradling, most carefully, her son.

Snuggling to his mother’s bosom.
Drawing warmth from milk that soothed him.
Satisfied, his tiny body calmed.
Reaching for his mother’s finger,
Holding tightly, clinging to her.
While he nursed she softly stroked his hands.

With fingers formed so small, so perfect,
Yet, with strength—they had a purpose,
In the future path this child would walk.
She prayed that God would lead and guide him.
Asked for heath and peace to find him.
As the Father heard He sang a song.

The love that emanated from Him,
Filled the room, encamped around them.
Settled gently on the girl and child.
Her heart was filled with deep emotion,
Full of blissful sweet devotion,
For this precious babe within her arms.

His little mouth sucked slower now.
With milk stained lips he gave a smile.
His eyes were studying her face.
With innocence and trust he gazed,
Until his sleepy head began to nod.

In loves sweet songful harmony,
There came to them, the gift of peace.
It wrapped around their earthly forms.
It soothed her mind, it touched her soul.
And then the pleasant thought of sleep
Again descended sweet and deep.
She hugged her baby close and dear
And whispered in the Father’s ear,
“I’ve never felt Your Breath so near to mine!”

Christopher, an hour after he was born


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