Fort Worth, Gardening

My Plan of Action


After weeks of cloudy skies allowing only small peeks from the sun, I woke-up this morning to a perfectly beautiful day. Best of all, the temperature rose into the lower eighties! Tomorrow the temperatures drop again into the sixties, so I utilized my time, beginning my day with a cup of coffee, walking through my garden. Just like my house it needs a good spring cleaning. There’s an incredible amount of leaves still falling, along with dead branches the wind has pulled from the trees. Some of my plants need pruning. I have a pond that needs to be drained and cleaned. The work seems overwhelming right now. So, I’ll take it slow, working bit-by-bit, becoming familiar with the new growth of my plants. Discovering places where the wind has dropped seeds that have sprouted; nature’s unexpected gifts. My plan is to alternated between cleaning my house then switching to my garden, to keep the chores interesting. I have a garden shed that needs organization. I’m looking forward to this! Especially after watching Joanna Gains’ garden shed episode on HGTV’s, “Fixer Upper.” By the way, for you Fixer Upper fans, I live only a little over an hour away from the Silos in Waco. The Silos are one of my favorite places to visit.

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