Fort Worth, Gardening

First Day Digging In!

Today was my first day working in my garden! Performing, what I know will be the first Of, what I call, “getting to know you” sessions. Introductions really, where the removal of the worst of yet another layer of leaves uncovers tender sprouts growing close to the ground. I left a light covering of leaves on the beds. They’ll eventually decay, feeding the soil with fresh compost. I’ve learned to work respectfully around my garden, pulling only what I’m sure is unwanted. Leaving the rest to grow a few more inches to make sure I’m not removing a sprout from a bulb or perennial planted the year before. Last autumn was the first time I was able to complete my winterizing goals. Hopefully making this spring’s prep-work easier. I think it will be. The moment I dug in the job seemed impossible, but an hour later, I was pleased with how much I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. I broke-up the chore, running to the barn to turn out the horses.

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